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Junk Room to Play Room

I helped these clients clear their junk room of items they didn’t need. This helped make space for their daughter to use it as a playroom.

Everyone was happier for the declutter.

Decluttered Linen Closet

Can you routinely find what you need in your linen closet?

The items you need should be easily found.

Let’s Talk Pantry

Do you keep buying more food because you can’t find what you need?

A little organizing can save you time and money.

Kid’s Room

This client lived in an older home with small closet spaces. I was able to design a closet system for her three children which freed up the very small closet for long-term storage items. The clear organizing bins with the closet system allowed her children to find and place their items easily.

Farren Stoker

Professional Organizer

I grew up playing in overcrowded junk rooms full of unused furniture and nicknacks. I vowed to break the mold of my parents! As a young girl, I loved toying with organization. I arranged the clothes in my closet in rainbow order and took particular pride in having everything in its place on my desk. Now I love finding ways to streamline my household so I have more time to spend with my Husband and four young boys.

Keeping your space organized doesn’t have to be a chore. I’ll work with you to find the right process to suit your needs.


Knock Out Clutter

Farren Stoker, Professional Organizer

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